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Hip Hop Is Where It’s At! Are you ready to bring it? Are you really ready?

You’ve trained hard, rocked the moves down to the last two steps. Now comes time for audition. What are you going to wear? Are you just going to drop some wack outfit you think looks like it should be hip hop or are you going to suit up the right way?

It’s really up to you but think about it, do you want to be dropping your crazy good moves in the wrong clothes?

Hip Hop Outfits

Hip Hop Street Dancer

We have some seriously sick outfits that look just like you’re stepping off a video set. Check them out. And the peeps at the store – they know their stuff. For real. You cannot afford not to go to the club without your hip hop dance clothes.

Killer Clothes Hip Hop Dance Apparel You Want To Wear No matter what you call it whether it’s urban street wear or hip hop fashion, you want to look good and be able to make your moves in something that isn’t going to trip you up.

If you’re doing a lot of twists and steps then you want hip hop apparel that suits your style and skill. The tops to the kicks need to work for the routine otherwise you can’t sell the routine. You just can’t. Know what you can do?

Bustin’ A Move In Style

We Have It Locked Down! The beats are pumping, the ground is shaking and, with some wicked hip hop fashion from you can bring down the house with a killer routine that will leave jaws dropped.

Keeping it real, bringing out your best moves and doing what it takes to get the gig is what sets you apart from that large crowd backstage with all those numbers pinned to them. Don’t let the wrong style or clothes take this away from you.

Suit up so you can go into any dance situation looking your best. For amazing hip hop fashion set your eyes on your wardrobe each and every time.

Hip Hop Dance Warm-Ups

Know this folks – stretching is not like the magic key to warming up the body. Yeah your teacher tells you to “warm up” and stretch but you guys want to know something? A little bit of light cardio really get the juices flowing. Check it out, some brisk walking around the studio, some swinging of the arms and legs stimulate the blood and then, that’s when you should be nice and loose to stretch. Know what else makes the warm up flow?

warm up class

Seriously. The warm ups they have in stock are amazingly awesome and affordable. All it takes a couple of minutes browsing through this super selection and you can be decked out in some fabulous warm ups and doing your stretching and warm ups the right way and looking good too.

And Stretch, Warm Up, Looking Good, Now Dance Couple of things

Breathe baby – when you’re on the hardwood doing your stretches, use those lungs. Don’t breathe like you’re a fish out of water. Breathe naturally, exhale, extend.

It’s all good’ No matter what you might have heard you should hold a stretch for longer than you need to. There’s no need for it. It’s stretching not pulling your muscles for pain! One or two reps hold the stretch for about 30 seconds and then back off.

That’s a good way to work it. And if you’re decked out in some killer warm ups and stretching should be awesome. These warm-ups are durable, comfortable and look great too. Think of it this way, if you can remember to stretch before you routine then you can remember to change into comfy warm-up clothing.

Make Time To Warm Up And Stretch

Before And After Look, your dance teacher isn’t always going to give you time to stretch before class or your workout so you need to do it. If you don’t you’re gonna feel it later. Simple as that.

Even more important stretch after too. Don’t just say “Yeah, yeah, I’ll do it.” No really do it. Get some advice from your teacher to – they do have mad knowledge you know.

And if you need advice on what good warm-ups should look like, check out the fab fashions. They’ll hook you up with what you need in a quality warm that can stand the test of your intense workout routine and live to dance another day. And the warm up dance wear looks great too.